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Indoor Smart Security Camera

Indoor Smart Security Camera

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【Safeguard Every Corner】: FreshLink smart camera's pan function covers an impressive range of 0° to 345°, allowing you to scan large areas effortlessly. And with a tilt range of -10° to 40°, you can precisely adjust the camera's vertical movement. Capturing every moment with breathtaking clarity, FreshLink smart camera boasts a 3K Ultra HD high-resolution lens and 102 degrees wide angle lens, ensuring crystal-clear images that leave nothing to the imagination.

【Up to 10M Night Vision/Patrol Mode】:Security knows no boundaries, not even at night. With our advanced night vision technology, FreshLink camera pierces through darkness, revealing the unseen. And with the Patrol Mode function on camera to monitor each region at intervals of your choosing. You can now trust that your home is under constant surveillance, even in the darkest hours.

【Motion Detection/Alerts】: Stay one step ahead with intelligent motion detection and real-time alerts. Our camera is equipped with precise motion sensors that detect and track any movement within its range. Once the moment an intrusion is detected, you'll receive instant notifications directly to your smartphone, enabling you to take immediate action. FreshLink camera provides three sensitivity levels to meet your personal needs.

【One/Two-Way Audio】: With integrated two-way audio, you can listen to what's happening and speak directly through the camera via app. While in situations where you prefer to monitor without direct communication, we offer the option of One-Way Audio. So, you can maintain a discreet presence while keeping tabs on activities in your home or surroundings. Whether it's greeting a delivery person or warding off potential threats, you have complete control from anywhere you are.

【Motion Tracking/Instant Record】:  FreshLink Security Camera with Audio/Video can automatically track moving objects or people, providing real-time alerts and increasing the overall effectiveness of your security system. And you can check the recordings with a Micro SD card or the  iCloudSave footage continuously on up to a 128 GB microSD card (not included) or subscribe to try for cloud storage which saves 7 to 30 days video history,keeping you aware of what's going on at home/office/store from anywhere .

【 Local Customer Support:】 We understand the importance of exceptional customer service. That's why we provide dedicated local customer support right here in Australia. Just contact us via+ 61478169288. Our friendly team is ready to assist you, ensuring your experience with the FreshLink Home Security Camera seamlessly from start to finish.


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