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E27 12W Light Bulb E27 ,1100lm Edison Screw, Non-Dimmable

E27 12W Light Bulb E27 ,1100lm Edison Screw, Non-Dimmable

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【4000K Natural White】: Experience the perfect blend of energy and relaxation with our 4000K Natural White LED bulbs. This medium-bright color with a subtle yellowish tone creates an ideal ambiance for your beloved home. Emitting a stable and full brightness, our 12W LED light provides up to 1100 lumens, ensuring well-lit evenings.

【Stable & Bright】: Say goodbye to flickering and buzzing! Our FRESHIN 12W Natural White LED bulbs deliver instant and bright light, making them perfect for long hours of reading and work.

【85%+ Energy Savings】: Save over 85% on your electricity bill with our energy-efficient FRESHIN 12W LED bulbs. They are an excellent cost-effective alternative to traditional 100W incandescent bulbs.

【Enhanced Visual Experience】: Immerse yourself in vibrant and natural colors with our high CRI 80+ FRESHIN 12W LED bulb. It provides superior color rendering, ensuring a captivating visual experience. Moreover, the light output remains consistent throughout its impressive 15,000-hour lifespan.

【Local AU Team Support 24/7】: Enjoy peace of mind with FRESHIN's 24-month Quality Warranty and lifetime customer support. Our local Australian team is available around the clock to provide quick solutions to your inquiries. Reach us at +61478169288. We welcome any suggestions or questions you may have.

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