What should l do when a timed task is not performed correctly?

Hello, please troubleshoot according to the following methods:

  1. Please confirm that your device is powered on and turned on normally;
  2. Please confirm that the device shows "online" status in the App; (Wi-Fi device online, Bluetooth device with Bluetooth gateway)
  3. Please confirm that the device has not been reset or powered off, as turning off or resetting the device will interrupt the devices scheduled process.
  4. Please confirm whether the effective time period of your scheduled task is set correctly. Click on the "Schedule" task and check if "Repeat" covers the time period when the task should take effect(Monday to Sunday optional);
  5. Please confirm whether the device's time zone is consistent with your loca time zone
  6. lf all the above problems have been ruledout, please restore the device to factory settings, re-add the device, and set the scheduled task to reproduce the scene.
  7. Contact us to get your solution via customerservice@freshin.com or WhatsApp/Phone call via +61 478169288

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