What should l do when a smart task(Tap-To-Run or Automation)runs incorrectly?

  1. You can view the logs on the automation or one-click execution scene page to determine whether the automation or one-click execution scene was executed successfully and the reasons for any unsuccessful execution. You can troubleshoot based on the logs
  2. Please make sure your device is powered on and functional
  3. Please ensure that during the execution time of the task the device is online in a stable and smooth network environment
  4. If the device is online and functioning properly but the task is not executing
    correctly, please delete the task and add a new one afterwards:
  5. If the issue persists, try removing and re-adding the device, and then set up the scheduled task again
  6. If you are using Wi-Fi devices, the problem may be caused by the device going offline. Please remove the device and then re-add it.

  7. lf the device is connected via Bluetooth technology, only devices added through Bluetooth mesh or within the effective range support scene control.

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