What should l do if the smart device is offline after changing or resetting the Wi-Fi/Router or changing the network provider?


After replacing the router or a new network, it is not possible to use the previously networked devices normally due to changes in the relevant network configuration. You need to remove the previously networked devices from app first before selecting to re-network and add them again.

(Please click on the upper right corner of the device to enter the interface, and check if you can see the "Remove Device" function.)


All Wi-Fi devices and wireless gateways need to be re-networked (including  Bluetooth gateways). You can also use the "Auto-discovery" mode to add multiple devices at once. lf your device cannot connect to smart devices after replacing the router or modem, it may be because your router is a dual-frequency router that supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz, or your router is not compatible with our device.


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