The Indicator light changed from flashing to regular,but it still fails to connect?

If the devices indicator light changes from flashing to solid during the network configuration process but ultimately fails to connect successfully, please troubleshoot using the following steps.
  1. Before starting the network configuration carefully read the product manual andverify if the app you are using is recommended by the seller.
  2. .For Wi-Fi devices, a solid indicator lighting indicates that the device has received Wi-Fi information but has not successfully connected to the cloud for activation. Ensure that the device is using the 2.4GHz network frequency band and that the Wi-Fi password is correct. lf these settings are correct and to eliminate the router as a factor, try using another smart phone to set up a mobile hotspot (iPhone should enable maximum compatibility) for a new network configuration attempt.lf the configuration is successful, check the router settings. lf the issue persists, it may involve hardware faults or operationa issues, and it is advisable to consult the seller.
  3. For Bluetooth devices, ensure that the distance between the phone and the Bluetooth device is moderate(generally less than 3 meters) and ideally closer.Β  During the network configuration process, please ensure that the required permissions(such as location and Bluetooth permissions) are enabled.
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