How can devices be connected without Wi-Fi and only mobile hotspots?

Dear user.

You need two smart phones that can provide a network hotspot. One phone turns on the hotspot as the network provider and the other can connect to the device


Step 1: Turn off your home WiFi, but write down the full name of your WiFi and the password as well.

Step 2: Get Device A and set the Personal Hotspot the same name and password as your home WiFi, then turn the Personal Hotspot on.

Step 3: Use Device B and install the App 'Freshin Smart Life’

Step 4: Link Device B to your Personal Hotspot of Device A. Then set up the Freshin smart devices as normal.

Step 5: After set up, turn off Personal Hotspot in Device A, and you may change both the name and the password back to your previous edition.

Step 6: Turn on your WiFi.


Then feel free to enjoy your Freshin smart devices with unlimited smart functions!